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Garden Restoration

Renovation of neglected gardens and grounds.

Have you neglected your garden? Is it no longer inviting now that spring is here? Well it may cost less than you think to make a difference. Let us help advise you and quote for the work. Free and friendly advice is always available!

Perhaps you are about to put your property up for sale. Seymours’ estate agent Simon Kelso reminds us about
the importance of presentation related to successful sales as he quotes,
‘If we have two identical homes at the same asking price it is the one with the beautiful landscaped garden that
will go first, every time. In fact, an attractive garden often means that you will get a better price than the identical house
next door with no garden worth speaking about. And buyers will pay premium if a house has a view over fields or countryside.’
Remember the approach to any property is the all important first impression.

Maybe you have a garden that was once a masterpiece or a classic.
Phone or email us to discuss and obtain prices.  Follow on maintenance available

Contact us on 01932 860 545
No obligation. Helpful advice and pricing to make it easier for you.

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